1. What date and time would you like to move (include an alternate choice)?

    Tuesday, Sept. 11th at 8AM or Wednesday, Sept. 16th at 1PM

  2. What are the addresses, cross streets, city/town/borough + state, zip code? Are there any move in/out time restrictions at either building? Are there any parking restrictions near the front of your building (no standing/parking anytime, bustop or bike lane?)

    FROM: 157 Ave A @13th St, 10009
    TO: 2765 Oliver St @Shore Pkwy, 11209

  3. Are there elevators or stairs (list # of flights of stairs (16 steps are a standard flight)) at each location? Include # of stairs to get to the building entrance or stairs inside apt, narrow stairways or hall; any unusual conditions in getting the elevator like a long distance to get to it, switching elevators within building or stairs to get to service elevator, etc...

    Moves cannot begin before 9AM or after 4:30PM in Manhattan but there are no restrictions at the destination. Elevator at pick up and 3 flights of stairs + 5 stoop steps at destination. Also, you must go down 14 steps to the basement to access the service elevator. At destination the stairs are narrow. Sorry :(

  4. What are you moving? List EVERYTHING you can think of; (estimate the # of boxes (sizes?) + bags, include furniture dimensions, please don't be vague).

    1 queen Tempurpedic mattress, boxspring & disassembled sleigh bed frame w/head & foot boards
    1 full pillow-top mattress & IKEA bed frame, no headboard, need movers to disassemble/reassemble
    1 wardrobe closet 100x48x22", no glass or drawers
    1 bureau/dresser 44x70x82"
    1 chest of 5 drawers 50x36x19"
    2 bookcases 100x12x29" w/one with 2 glass doors, need movers to detach/reattach doors
    1 reclining chair 36x42x28" heavy, no ottoman
    1 desk 55x28x30" no hutch or return
    1 desk chair
    1 two drawer filing cabinet, empty
    1 microwave 40x13x18"
    1 sofabed 61x37x100"
    1 loveseat 66x66x66"
    1 queen size futon & wood frame, need movers to disassemble/reassemble
    1 refrigerator 67x29x27 - may need movers to detach/reattach doors if it doesn't fit through door
    1 rug 5x9 rolled & taped
    1 computer & LCD 17" boxed monitor w/printer boxed
    1 LCD/flatscreen 32" TV in original box, no TV stand
    1 coffe table 48x24x18"
    3 side tables 24x18x16, 42x25x22, 26x18" diameter
    1 dining table w/pedestal & granite top 79x36
    6 dining chairs, 2 w/arms
    2 mirrors 60x18, 20x36 & bubble wrapped
    3 large framed print & 16 small framed prints w/glass but bubble wrapped
    1 coat rack 70"
    2 table lamps & 2 floor lamps w/boxed shades/refectors/bulbs
    1 ironing board, 1 mop, 1 broom, 3 curtain rods/blinds
    1 air conditioner uninstalled
    6 small plants in 2 open-top boxes
    1 tree 76" & around 70 lbs
    6 suitcases
    2 garbage cans
    1 air purifer 28"
    1 guitar in case
    1 guitar amp
    1 stereo w/4 components 2 speaker 24" tall, 1 sub-woofer & 2 speaker stands all boxed
    Up to 2 dish boxes 18x18x24, none will exceed 35lbs each as stairs are involved
    Up to 9 boxes 18x18x16", none exceed 35lbs each
    Up to 14 boxes 16x12x12", none exceed 35lbs each
    Up to 16 boxes 16x12x10", none exceed 35lbs each
    Up to 2 milk crates w/cleaning supples

  5. Are there any conditions worth noting; (very heavy items, oversized items, very fragile or expensive items, etc...)? Does anything need to be disassembled/reassembled? Does anything contain glass or marble?

    The dining table need the pedestal detached. The Ikea bed frame & the 2 glass doors off the bookcase need to be disassembled/reassembled. The refrigerator doors may need to come off to get it out of the apt but I can't remember if we took it off when it was moved in.

  6. Do you need 1, 2, 3 or more movers and/or will you provide assistance? All moves performed on the peak days of month (end/beginning of month) require a crew 2 movers during this period

  7. 2 movers will work as we cannot provide any assistance.